Infographics & Strengths

When a prodct is well designed and studied, well manufactured,

obtained using high quality and reliable raw materials,


With the collaboration of our supplier

Renner Italia ( ),

a leader in the production of water-based paints,

a re-painting process has been developed

and it is now available for our customers.

Why a superficial re-painting process for rigid polyurethane shells ?  

It  is  because :

  • rigid polyurethane has excellent and durable mechanical properties, 
  • the ILPO shells have been designed and optimized with the FEM technique,
    and have shown they can “live and last long”, even if used in very severe conditions, 
  • our rigid polyurethane shells are nice and have a design that will last over time,
  • the  rigid polyurethane shell have a lower carbon footprint than the plastic shells,
  • the ILPO rigid polyurethane shells are ergonomic and have brilliantly passed different participatory design experiences.