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In the design of all our rigid polyurethane shells,

the finite elements analysis (F.E.A.)

have been thoroughly considered and applied.


F.E.A. allows for a full exploitation of the characteristics of the rigid polyurethane utilized by ILPO in the production of its shells as well as a good design capable of lasting through time, 


Thus to optimize the use of the material at its best and according to the necessary mechanical performances ILPO has been collaborating since years with selected partner – designers, engineering companies, mold manufacturers – to be able to fully satisfy the requirements of its customers. The development process of a rigid polyurethane shell is started by ILPO with the definition of the initial  key elements : aesthetics, flexibility, ergonomics, durability, comfort and cost. 


Final objective is that to best utilize the rigid  polyurethane to control raw material costs and final  items’ weight.


In this way this step makes it already possible to determine with a good approximation if the shell will be able to withstand the standardized severe tests required, especially for what concerns impact resistance and cyclic stress tests.