Parametric L.C.A.


Our   parametric  LCA,  is  an exclusive  software  offering :

  • an effective marketing tool
  • an improvement of environmental performances
  • an useful instrument to achieve environmental labels and certifications

It is established that all products cause environmental degradation in some way, regardless of the raw materials used, their manufacturing cycle, their use and disposal. A survey carried out at European furniture manufacturers has highlighted the adoption of various environmental labels to characterize the products in terms of their “footprint”. The most commonly adopted environmental labels refer to very different criteria and parameters, which create a situation of great lack of homogeneity between the various labels.

The extreme diversification present in Europe at this level confirms the validity of the choice of the LCA methodology as one of the most reliable tools for assessing the “footprint” of a product.

Now an enhanced software tool is available that allows the manufacturer of chairs using rigid polyurethane shells  to parametrically determine the “footprint” of the complete chair, taking into account the contribution of the other components of the chair (metal bases, other parts in metal or plastic, packing, transport …).

The following figure shows an example of the various output values ​that the parametric software can generate.