Infographics & Strengths

Designing and producing furniture for a long lasting life,

means reducing the impact on the Environment.


ILPO, convinced of that, has conducted several tests at CATAS, one of the most well-known and important institutes at Italian and European level for the testing of furniture and its components, defining further tests to be applied on the chairs already subjected to the standard tests, so as to examine with subsequent “reloads” the degree of reliability and durability through time and with increased loads on seat and on backrest.


  These were the main steps:

  1) selection of the relevant requirements standard;

  2) selection of the appropriate severity grade:         general use for non domestic seating and for       educational;

  3) upgrading from general use to extreme use;

  4) upgrading from above: a) enlarging user percentile    and b) Increasing the number of durability cycles.


In detail: an IKS shell, in use at ILPO already for 5 years, has been tested according to the clause 6,7 of EN1728:2000, starting with the usual 200.000 cycles with a backforce of 300N – level 3, severe – (see part of the graph in blu color)  and then simulating the use by a person weighing 120, 130, up to even 140 Kgs (see part of the graph in green).


Enjoy here the video of an IKS shell, loaded with a weight of more than 500 Kgs.