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respecting the environment


Infographic Use and reUse: our way of thinking

Our commitment within the company

Agreed with and encouraged by the Local Public Authority for social assistance, in specific production processes ILPO employs specially trained “disadvantaged” personnel, into appropriate working positions. Nowadays at ILPO the number of “disadvantaged” people employed is at least twice the one defined by normal obligations under national laws.

Our commitment outside the company

Further to that we report our commitment to ensuring a steady financial support to a non-profit-organization that, in agreement with the Province of Bologna, manages a specialized center for work-rehabilitation for people with mental and sensorial disabilities.

Respects the environment

In our Life Cycle Assessment scheme it emerged that the chair shells manufactured by ILPO have a significantly lower environmental impact compared to standard thermoplastic polypropylene products, which further reduces when considering the life extension possibility by implementing the reuse. A well made structural polyurethane chair help save CO2

Good design

Thoughtfully designed chairs and cutting edge FEM technological support help guarantee products’ long life and outstanding extended performances. From the very beginning the objective of ILPO’s engineering team is to produce real value, granting a solid feeling of quality. Do we really want cheaper chairs?


In accordance with International Regulations ILPO shapes its chairs mirroring the human body; as a result the products offer the greater comfort and the correct posture. This ergonomic approach guarantees beautiful, useful and long lasting comfortable chairs. A comfortable chair saves energy.

Partecipatory Design

ILPO’s products are made for those who use them: by means of interviews and surveys ILPO focuses on the consumer and invests in Participatory Design and User Centered Design strategies. A truly useful product is ecological.


n a world of limited resources, the choice of durable and high grade materials is a sustainable option. ILPO’s structural polyurethane chair shells pass severe tests carried out by qualified independent laboratories. Results show that structural polyurethane offers excellent durability, reliability and long lasting performances. Every discarded object is a cost for the Planet (the Earth should not be our dump).

Use, renovation and reuse

If an object looks good and works fine, why should we throw it away? If it gets dirty we can clean it, if we get tired of the color we can change it: ILPO studied how to recondition its polyurethane chair shells by means of a reduced impact water based technique. A timeless product does not produce waste.

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